VR Headset

This is the new arrival 3D VR Headset goggles, the VR Box. The VR Headset supports many smart phone size models with both the Android and iOS system. Simply put your phone into the VR Box and you can enjoy the super big screen effect 3D videos. You can also play 3D games or just enjoy simulations with great immersion experience. Very easy to use even  for children or the old, you just  put your cell phone into the relative slot of the item. you will need VR Apps on your phone to use with the headset. You can greatly enjoy the 3D movies or 3D games. You can bring virtual reality to life!

vr headset

vr headset

VR Headset 3D goggles with Bluetooth controller

Product Specs

  • Model: VR BOX 2.0
  • Type: Virtual Reality Goggles
  • Fits : 3.5”~6.0” phones and portable devises
  • weight: 14 oz
  • Dimension: 7 ½” x 4 ½” x 4 ¾’
  • Materials: ABS + Spherical Resin Lens Materials
  • Color: white & Blk
vr headset

vr headset


Product Features

  • Side opening to easily slide the phone in
  • Front opening window for camera access
  • Great Virtual Reality experience while watching 3D movies or playing your favorite 3D games.
  • High precision lens delivers crystal clear pictures
  • Adjustable papillary distance for all types of sights
  • Adjustable focal distance for best devise performance
  • High quality lenses help prevent dizziness and visual fatigue when used for long period of time
  • Easily adjust the position of the spherical resin lenses by adjusting the button located on top of the 3D goggles for best performance and great experience
  • Compatible for smart phones and mobile devices up to 6”x 4”
  • The goggle uses high quality sponge for extra comfort while used for long periods of time
  • All phone cable plugs are accessible through precise design, so you won’t have to worry about the phone dying on you while using it for a long period of time or if you like to connect the head sets for better audio experience
  • No need for extra software of devises which makes great for traveling. Kids will never bug you as long as they have their phones and 3D goggles


Included in the package

  • VR Headset 3D goggles with high quality head strap
  • Bluetooth remote controller (needs 2 AAA batteries/not included)
  • Special cloth for lens cleaning


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